Innovative Microalgae Technology Manufacturing Platform
    • With advance marine bioengineering technology, Runke applies laboratory techniques into manufacturing microalgae DHA in a large scale. Runke's professional research capability allows it to lead the microalgae technology industry in China. Meanwhile, Runke also successfully developed and promoted the application of microalgae DHA in the infant formula industry.
    • Participated in the formulation and enaction of “Food AdditivesDocosahexaenoic Acid Grease (Fermentation)”and “Food AdditivesArachidonic Acid Oil (Fermentation)”published by the China National Food Safety Standard Review Committee.
    • Participated in the draft and enaction of “DHA Microalgae”published by the China National Standard TechnicalCommittee of Grain and Oil and TechnicalCommittee of Oil and Lipid.
    • Participated in the draft of “Arachidonic Acid Oil” national standard and “DHA Microalgae oil powder” industrial standard published by the China National Standard TechnicalCommittee of Grain and Oil and TechnicalCommittee of Oil and Lipid.
     Advanced Microalgae Technology Research and Development Platform
    The Runke research and development team is led by Professor ChenFeng, the Chief Scientist and Professor JiangYue, Director of Technical Research and Development. Runke is dedicated in formulating a world-leading nutrition solution with microalgae technology as the core. Medical researches and scientific experiments are done persistently to provide core nutritional ingredients and brand products. Runkealso united with research institutions around the globe to establish microalgae research and development platform, including:
    • Industrial Microalgae Technology R&D Platform
    • Shantou Marine Microalgae and Fungal Microorganism Application Research Engineering Technical R&D center (Municipal Level)
    • ZhangzhouIndustrial Technical Innovation Center (Municipal Levell)
    • Guangdong Marine Microalgae Bioengineering Technical R&D Center (Provincial Level)
    • Engineering Technology Research Center ofFujian Provincial Marine Microalgae Cultivation and Functional Ingredients Development Enterprise (Provincial Level)
     Professor Chen Feng Chief Scientist
    • AIMBE Fellow
    • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
    • Member of the International Academy of Food Science
    • Member of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences
    • Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Science Center of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences
    • CheungKong Distinguished Professor
    • Former Chair Professor of Peking University, Director of the Institute of Food and Biological Resources Engineering, and Associate Dean of the College of Engineering
    • Dean of Advanced Research Institute of Shenzhen University
    • Executive Director of China Food Science and Technology Society
    • Honorary Professor of University of Queensland, Australia
    • Honorary Professor of the University of Hong Kong
    • Former Dean and Lifetime Professor of School of Biological Sciences of the University of Hong Kong
    • Global and Chinese highly cited scientists
    • Published more than 300 papers in international academic journals
     Jiang YuePh.D. Deputy General Manager, Director of Technical R&D
    • Experts in microbiology and food biotechnology
    • Special Reviewer for American Technology Projects and SME Projects
    • Author of two popular monographs “Microalgae Biotechnology”(Author in both Chinese and English version)
    • Published more than 60 papers in top SCI magazines
    • Distinguished expert of Fujian "618" Straits Innovation Institute
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